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Hey there! I’m Amy, a married mom of one active toddler boy! I also work full-time and am a part-time graduate student, so although making healthy food is a priority, it needs to be quick and affordable. We also need to satisfy a range of palettes in my house: I’m a vegetarian-turned-pescatarian, my son eats mostly everything, and my husband is a meat and potatoes type. With so much going on, dinner is always an adventure! I see this blog as a learning experience: I didn’t start cooking until college, so there’s plenty I still have to explore. I’d love your input, ideas, successes, and failures.



My name is Casandra Carroll. I’ve lived in VA for almost 13 years (moved from Washington State) Between my husband and I, we have 6 kids and 6 grand kids. I started my passion for cooking when my boys were about 8 & 7. About the time they really started consuming lots of food! I use various websites for inspiration: Food Network, All Recipes, Pinterest, and more. Sometimes, when I really like  something at a restaurant, I  look up a “mock” recipe and start  creating it  at home. I have multiple cook books I reference. I only have a select few recipes I’ve created myself, but generally utilize the resources. Rule of thumb: First  time – follow the recipe exactly. Then after that, alter  to your creations!





Hi I’m Katie and I am married, work full time, and working on my Master’s part-time. I. LOVE. FOOD. I have been cooking since I was 13; I was taught by my mom, dad, and grandmother. Thanks to era of cooking shows, I have felt the need to try and create bigger better things at home. I love cooking everything and almost everything. I love grilling, cooking one pan/pot meals, cooking with alcohol (beer and wine), and I tend to lean towards Asian cuisine as well. I also enjoy venturing out to food festivals and tastings. I hope you enjoy this food adventure with me!



I’m so pleased to be a part of the blog to share healthy and allergy-free cooking! My own health issues have forced me to look at what I eat more carefully and be creative with my food.  Eating gluten, dairy, egg, or even grain-free doesn’t have to be boring or complicated! My hope is to inspire others with dietary restrictions (self or family) and share recipes I’ve tried and loved.  I know that food needs to be “guy and kid approved” as well, so I’ll be sure to note those reviews when I am able!

Sometimes, it’s hard to come up with recipes on your own. Pinterest is great for that- I often will find a recipe and tweak it to meet my needs.  I plan to review healthy recipes as well so RWC readers can see what worked for me and get some good ideas to pin on their own boards!




Hi everyone! Firstly I feel honored to even be considered for this opportunity. RWC is such an amazing community. I love how positive and inspiring all the members are. I’ve gotten so many meal ideas from the posts I’ve seen. I love eating and cooking good food so I definitely have enjoyed this group. I rarely measure Ingredients when I cook, I eye everything and add lots of love. I mainly prepare savory dishes but would love to become a better baker.