The Crew

Mia & Cyn | RWC Founders

We met years ago, but food reunited us! We aren’t trained chefs, we’re just a couple of women who love food. It’s that simple! We formed a group on Facebook where we can talk about food and cooking called, “Real Women Cook or At Least Like to Eat.” With over 800 members, we consider ourselves as a positive and inclusive network of girlfriends you can count on to bail you out of a cooking crisis, confess your culinary imperfections and connect with other women through food. The group is beyond successful, so we decided take it to the next level: a blog! We hope to inspire you through our passion for food and empowering women.

We aren’t trained chefs, we’re just a couple of women who love food. It’s that simple!

Danielle | RWC Graphic Designer

Danielle Arrington is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer. Even from an early age, Danielle knew she wanted to work in the arts and has always had an eye for good design. When we asked Danielle for help on our project, she successfully turned our vision into a reality. She rendered beautiful illustrations of us and helped shape the RWC brand. Her work is amazing!






Sean | RWC Website Developer

Sean is the man behind the code. He’s our website developer and owner of Old Tree Technology, an IT consulting firm offering web development, hosting, and many other services. When we asked for his help to build our website, we offered to buy him tacos and a beer and he’s been on our team ever since. To contact him for help with your website needs, email him at He’s awesome!






Trisha | RWC Video Production Coordinator

She is our story teller! She’s known us forever and our enjoyment of food and cooking has never been a secret.  So when we decided to start RWC, she wasted no time in gathering ideas to contribute in the areas of photography and video production for our projects. She’s the founder of Thornton Media Entertainment and has worked on many wonderful projects. We’re so lucky to have her on the RWC  team. To learn more about her work, visit her website,