Bacon butternut squash pasta

This is REAL women cook and I’m not going to lie to you. Making this pasta was so freaking difficult I almost threw it out the window. It’s messy, and anything but quick and easy but it’s so tasty and worth the extra effort! I don’t know what came over me, but one day; I woke up and said: “hey I’m gonna make something intricate that I never do,  and it’s gonna be a breeze.” Why? Why did I wake up and decide to make pasta? Who does that? I don’t even like pasta like that to craft it from scratch. Ugh! Anyway take a deep breath it’s over now and turned out delicious so I’m happy. Here’s what I used…

2 eggs
3 cups pasta flour (plus more for dusting)
Butternut squash
salt and pepper

First, finely process cooked bacon and butternut squash. Reserve some of the bacon grease for later.

Next, in a large bowl mix flour, eggs, butternut squash, water, and bacon until a dough forms. Season to taste with salt and pepper or season at the end after cooking.

Roll out the dough and feed through the pasta maker.

Add reserved bacon grease into boiling water and cook pasta for 3-4 minutes until Al Dente. Toss Pasta in your favorite creamy pesto and garnish with more bacon and cherry tomatoes. Hope you enjoy! Let me know in the comments If you make your own pasta or stick to the store bought stuff?

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