Eggs: Let’s eat them! (Cloud Eggs Recipe Included)

In last week’s blog: Eggs: What you need to know; I talked about the different ways egg cartons are labeled and how to navigate the phrases used by egg producers. When possible I encourage everyone to purchase pasture raised chicken eggs. My family has farm fresh eggs and it doesn’t get much better than that.

There is a huge difference in commercially farmed eggs and farm fresh eggs. The first is obviously the freshness, store eggs are around 45 days old by the time you get them. The next thing I feel is the most noticeable is that the shell of a commercial egg feels more delicate like I could crack it a little too easily. The third major part I notice is the color of the yolk. The commercial egg yolk is a much paler yellow, whereas the farm fresh egg is a bright almost orange color yolk. I also have here for comparison is a duck egg. A duck egg is bigger in size all around. The yolk is much bigger and a bright yellow/orange, but the white is a little bit more cloudy (indicates freshness).

Left to right: store bought commercially farmed egg, farm fresh egg, duck egg.
Left to right: store bought commercially farmed egg, farm fresh egg, duck egg.

Fresh eggs make a world of difference. Overall the taste is so much better, they actually have a taste! Farm fresh eggs are more nutrient dense as well. If you are a baker, you will be able to tell a huge difference in your baked goods. They will be richer and moister because of the yolk to whites ratio is greater. Duck eggs are even better! So rich and flavorful! I made some cakes with them quite a few times and the cake is always moister and all around better. Everyone always asks what I did differently and it always comes down to duck eggs.

Since I don’t want to go on too long about the fresh egg facts, Fresh Eggs Daily, blogger Lisa has a post that goes into great detail on the nutrients and minute differences in eggs if you would like to read more details about the freshness of eggs and if it really matters.

How to eat your eggs– Any way you want them of course!

I prefer to eat them over easy sunny side up with toast, simple and delicious. But I thought I would mix it up and try cloud eggs for this post. Cloud eggs you ask? I can see you raising your eyebrows at the screen now. Cloud eggs are these light pillowy egg whites with the yolk added back to them and still runny.

They are so simple to make, all you need is 2 eggs per person and a baking sheet.

1. Separate the yolks from the whites. Be careful to not break the yolk.

2. Beat the whites until stiff peaks forms. Best to use a hand or stand mixer, otherwise you will be whipping for quite a while (been there).

3. Add some salt and mix in. *Optional- add some herbs or other favorite seasonings for eggs.

4. Scoop the whipped egg whites and place a dollop onto parchment paper or oil sprayed baking sheet. Make an indent in the whites so the yolk will fit in it.

5. Carefully lay the yolk into the indent of the whipped egg whites.

6. Bake in a 325 degree preheated oven for 5-10 minutes or until golden brown and depending on how done you like your yolk. Eat immediately, they get cold fast.

Look at the height on those fluffy little clouds.
Topped with herbs and salt and pepper.


My second favorite way is by making a frittata (simply super fluffy scrambled eggs with some veggies and meat of your choice). Fellow blogger, Amy has a great recipe here, I followed her recipe (I cut it in half for 2 people) and just switched out different veggies; I used broccoli, zucchini, bell pepper, and asiago cheese topped with micro greens from The Neighborhood Harvest.

Green Power frittata: broccoli, zucchini, bell pepper and topped with micro greens.


Tell me your favorite way to eat eggs.
I hope you go out and try some farm fresh eggs if you haven’t before.


2 Replies to “Eggs: Let’s eat them! (Cloud Eggs Recipe Included)

  1. I made these for my son this morning, and he absolutely loved them! He said they were “very special.”
    They were so easy to make too! Can’t beat that.
    Thank you, Katie, for sharing this recipe!

    I used simple salt and pepper, but I’d love to try using different herbs. Any suggestions?

    1. I used a mixture of dried herbs like dill, parsley, chives, and tarragon. But anything you like, could fold some fresh herbs in too.

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