Shaking Crab (review)

Shaking crab is a  New Orleans Cajun-style restaurant which offers seafood, chicken, sides and beer. My husband and I have been to this restaurant twice now and are planning to go again! The prices are somewhat reasonable. Prices range from $1.50 -$35. The inside of this restaurant gives off a cozy nautical vibe.  The walls have been tagged by its thousands of visitors, they’re literally covered with names. I like the fact that you’re allowed to write on the walls and it’s even encouraged. Ask your server for a marker so you can let others know you were there. I made sure to represent for RWC <3. 

The first time I went to Shaking crab we had to wait about thirty minutes. We went on a Saturday at 2 pm. We were greeted by a chipper server who went over the basics with us, as it was our first time dining. She explained that they offer four sauces, Cajun, lemon pepper, garlic butter or their shaking sauce which is a combination of all three. You know I wanted the shaking sauce! They also offer their sauces in different levels of spice: non-spicy, mild, medium or hot.


We decided to order the combo shrimp with crawfish which comes with corn and potatoes. We also ordered french fries and the king crab legs our first visit.

Oh my goodness, the shrimp and crawfish were amazing! The shaking sauce was garlicky and buttery with the perfect amount of spice and messy, in a good way. I wasn’t super worried about staining my clothes anyway as they bring out bibs and wet wipes.

The french fries left a little to be desired. They were fried good and not super greasy but they had a hint of sweetness. I felt like I was eating a funnel cake without the powdered sugar from the way the fries were battered. I didn’t  get a Cajun flavor from the Cajun fries either. The Alaskan king crab legs were a little soft. I haven’t experienced the shells to be that soft before so that was a little off-putting. We got about four legs. Needless to say, the shrimp and crawfish stole the show and had me craving them again for a week straight!

We didn’t receive the popcorn while we waited for our food during our first visit but we did on our second! On our second visit, we received fresh, crunchy, buttery popcorn and sweet tea.

The tea wasn’t super sweet (like liquid diabetes), but it’s better to have not enough sugar so you can add to it according to your tastes. The tea had a slight bitterness to it that a pinch of baking soda would have fixed. For our meal this time we ordered the oyster fry basket, onion rings and the shrimp and crawfish combo (again), this time with medium shaking sauce.

I had to give the batter a second chance before I declared that it was something  I didn’t care for. The fried oysters were covered in so much batter that the taste was lost. When I removed the extra batter the taste of the oyster was good. The oyster fry basket comes with Cajun fries. Just like before the fries had a slight hint of sweetness and no Cajun flavor to them. The onion rings, however, were perfectly battered and didn’t fall apart when bit into. All in all, I enjoyed Shaking crab and will return soon. Let me know in the comments below what’s your favorite type of seafood?

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