Easy Cucumber Kimchi

My curiosity was peaked a few years ago when I was told that Kimchi is this “smelly gross red stuff”. I normally don’t take people’s word for things and this time was no different.  Everyone’s palette varies so I had to find out for myself. After doing some research, I found out that it’s fermented, salty and spicy. I was excited and set off to find some good kimchi. I’d only had it made with cabbage in the past and I wanted to try something new. One day I came across mommy tang’s channel, on YouTube and she made cucumber kimchi. I had never even heard of cucumber kimchi. I made a few changes to her recipe and the outcome was amazing! The anchovies really give this kimchi that extra something. You could use fish sauce if you absolutely can’t stand anchovies. I make kimchi differently every time and this time I used about 2 tablespoons of red pepper paste, but it really just depends on the level of spice I’m looking for.  Here’s the rest of what I used…

Sugar and Pepper  (to taste)
2 Tbs Red pepper paste (gochujang)
2 chopped green onions
2 Tbs Rice vinegar
1 Garlic clove minced
1/8 tsp sesame oil
Kosher salt

First, slice the cucumber into the desired shape and toss cucumbers in kosher salt.

Next refrigerator cucumbers in a covered bowl and let sit overnight. The kosher salt will pull a lot of the liquid out of the cucumber, pour this liquid out.

Now the fun part! Seasoning your base is very important, start with less then add more as you go along. If you don’t like the flavor keep adding ingredients until you do. Using a metal bowl I blended all ingredients together with a fork until it reaches a somewhat smooth consistency. Although it won’t get fully smooth because of the green onions and garlic, make sure all other ingredients are fully incorporated.

Toss the cucumbers into the base sauce and tweak any necessary flavoring at this point.

Hope you enjoy! Let me know in the comments if you like anchovies or can’t stand them.

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