Korean BBQ

One word to describe Korean BBQ is AWESOMENESS. Yes that had to be in all caps because I’m yelling. My inner fat girl gets really excited sometimes and that’s okay. If you’ve never had Korean BBQ before or even heard of it, I’m sorry your life is incomplete. It really is that serious. This amazingness is marinated meat grilled to perfection eaten with your choice of toppings. I’m aware amazingness might not actually be a word  but it is for the next hour lol. I love Asian culture and food, specifically Korean dishes. If anyone knows a Korean grandmother that’s looking to adopt, please give her my number. I’ll be right there ready to eat and ask a thousand  questions. Anywho on to what you came for the recipe and thinngggs…


Pork belly
Beef short ribs
Bulgogi marinade
Fresh ginger (optional)
Enoki mushroom (optional)
3 crushed garlic cloves
Romaine lettcue
Steamed white rice
Gochujang (red pepper paste)
Chopped green onion
Tteok-bokki (korean rice cake)

First step as always marinade your meat! Also if you’re using pork belly get it pre-sliced. I tried to cut it myself before and its just so much easier to get it pre-cut.


I tried a new sauce this time and I fell in love (shhhh don’t tell my husband). His name is CJ  he’s kinda short, dark and tasty lol. Here’s his pic.

CJ is fantastic and I put it on everything. Alright let’s cut that out before it gets weird lol. I marinated the  pork and beef overnight and added garlic and cilantro into the mix for extra flavor.

The next step is to chop your toppings when you’re ready to start cooking. I kept it simple and chopped about four green onions, the romaine lettuce into bite size pieces and a little fresh ginger. Now its time to assemble your station and start cooking.

I wouldn’t advise placing any raw meat near your ready to eat ingredients. I just have it this way for photo purposes (DON’T DO THIS IN REAL LIFE). Now for the really good part, heat your griddle or pan to medium high and cook your deliciously seasoned meat! When I tell you my house smelled so good, OMG my mouth was watering.

The sugars from the marinade caramelized so beautifully I was just speechless. After the meat was cooked to my liking I added the rice, onions, kimchi and Enoki mushrooms, so they could soak up all the flavor from the meat and sauce.

Now its time to eat! For the first bite I normally put a little of everything, to try all the flavors at once. First put  gochujang on the romaine lettuce then some rice, meat and kimchi Mmmmmmm. 

A delicious meal that you can eat with your hands, yes please! I love Korean BBQ because the possibilities are endless and its super flavorful. Every bite is different and its super easy to prep and make. Also romaine lettuce is a veggie so its kinda like your eating a salad, so that makes it healthy right? That’s what I’m telling myself anyway. Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever had Korean BBQ. What were some of the different combinations you’ve had?


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