Fried Chickpeas

I love Jamaican food and I found this recipe while searching for snack ideas. This snack is quick, easy and tasty so I had to make it! The only time-consuming part of the recipe is soaking the chickpeas (also called Channa) overnight. The only reason I had to soak them is because I’m using dried chickpeas but if you use canned ones this recipe will only take few minutes. So let’s get started here’s what you’ll need…


1 minced clove of Garlic 

1 cup of chickpeas (also know as channa )

Vegetable oil (enough to just cover chickpeas)

1/2 chopped bunch of Cilantro  

Salt & pepper to taste 

1/2 cup grated  Parmesan cheese 

1/8 tsp Scotch bonnet pepper

First, rinse and cover the chickpeas with water at least two inches above them like so and soak for 24 hours.


 Make sure you put your chickpeas in a large enough container so that the dry chickpeas have room to double in size. Give these babies room they will need it!


See how much they doubled? The chickpeas growing overnight reminds me of the toys I  would get when I was little. They’d start off super tiny then once you soak them they’d grow to like 300X’s their original size. Any-who after you’ve soaked the chickpeas dry them thoroughly. Again DRY THEM THOROUGHLY if not the grease will pop you and we don’t want that! I didn’t dry them well enough and I got popped TWICE! 

Don’t skip this step! I tried to be cute and not fully dry them (bet I won’t do that again lol). While you’re drying the chickpeas, because you are smart and didn’t skip this step, let your oil heat up on medium high. I used enough oil to just cover the chickpeas. Test your oil by dropping one chickpea in. If the bubbles from the oil completely cover the chickpea you are ready to fry.

I advise using a ladle or slotted spatula to drop the chickpeas into the oil. Of course by “drop” I mean stand back as far as you can, while slowly and gently easing the chickpeas into the oil, while not breathing and praying it doesn’t pop you. Yeah but drop them in and fry for about ten minutes. Don’t overcook them or they’ll become really hard and almost inedible. Depending on your oil temp, test a chickpea every now and again to ensure its cooked to your liking. They should be crispy on the outside but still soft inside.

Remove chickpeas from the oil, place in a bowl and while still hot toss in your minced garlic, chopped cilantro, and  grated Parmesan cheese. Season to taste and add scotch bonnet for a kick of spice. Hope you enjoy! Comment below any horror story you may have about frying food.

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  1. I’ve never fried chickpeas but I love them! I’ve also seen them called garbanzo beans.

    I don’t often fry food, partly because every time I do I burn myself.

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