Ham Salad – A Step Back In Time

There’s something to be said about the generations before me. Their remembrance of a time when handwritten letters were common practice, telephone calls via an operator, and nightly meals planned and executed daily. But my most cherished are the recipes they recall and I’m able to bring it back for them.

For me, the recipes of the past should be brought to the forefront. They are from a time when “fancy” was made from the simplest ingredients but still had a flare to impress even the most cynical of minds. The home cooks utilized what was in reach and still managed to fill the bellies and warm the hearts of their family, friends, and neighbors.

As I was writing this blog, I remembered a cookbook I had found at a yard sale. I had gotten it to use with my grandchildren. Of course, at the time, they were still tiny babies. Since they are now helping me more in the kitchen, it’s time to start utilizing this cookbook.

Here are just a few pages from this cookbook.


With my mother-in-law’s birthday nearing, her one request, is that I make her Ham Salad.

It’s kind of like egg salad or tuna salad but made with bologna. I know, “Why is it called ham salad when it’s made with bologna?” Well, I asked my mother-in-law that very question. She wasn’t sure but we figured that maybe originally they made it with ham, but later substituted with bologna due to costs.


1 1/2″ inch piece of bologna from the deli (sometimes they have to do this in 1″ pieces, ask the rep at the deli counter how big they can cut it.)
3 hard boiled eggs
7-8 sweet pickles (plus some of the juice)
1/4 cup of onion, cut into chunks
1/2 cup of mayonnaise
1/4 cup of miracle whip
dash of salt and pepper (the bologna is very salt already, so just a little salt will be enough)
1/4 tsp of celery salt

I use the meat attachment for my stand mixer to grind the bologna, eggs, pickles and onions. If you don’t have one, you can use a food processor. Just cut up the bologna, eggs, pickles and onions first and place in the food processor with the remaining ingredients. Pulse everything together until finely chopped and blended. Now taste it, if you want a little more sweetness, add a little of the pickle juice and pulse again.

For the stand mixer, attach the meat grinder and start adding the bologna, eggs, pickles, and onions in rotating order.


Once everything has been ground, you’ll have a mixture like this…

Now add the mayonnaise, miracle whip, salt, pepper and celery salt

Put the mixer bowl back on the stand and attach the paddle attachment. Mix everything together. Give it a taste, then add the pickle juice if you feel it needs it.

Place everything into a container and put in the refrigerator for a couple hours. You can eat it once it’s done but we prefer it cold.

Then make your sandwich. You can use any type of bread. I used marbled rye for this round.

Take a bite, close your eyes and take a step back in time!


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