County Grill Review

Real women cook and real women eat out. Saying last week was busy, is an understatement. From a paper due, birthdays, work emergency and a job interview, I had no time to meal prep or cook – so there was a lot of eating out last week.

In celebration of the week almost being over and my interview date finally happening, a celebratory dinner was necessary. We (my boyfriend and I) headed to a local favorite, County Grill.

The atmosphere is very relaxed – our waiter greeted us, scrawled his name on a piece of paper that served as a table cloth (he wrote it upside down!) and took our drink orders. One of my favorite parts about County Grill is their cornbread muffins, they are so good! Soft, buttery and moist, we got two baskets.

While I love a good BBQ sandwich, I decided to switch things up and go with the brisket sandwich. Each meal comes with 2 sides, so I opted for the coleslaw (to add to my sandwich, duh) and the potato salad.

I should not have been surprised by the amount of meat on the sandwich. Three thick strips of brisket were layered across a buttered roll. I piled the coleslaw on, added some Lexington BBQ sauce and took a huge bite. It was delicious. I really enjoy their potato salad, because it’s warm – with cheese.

Overall I gave the meal a 4/5 and I highly suggest a visit the next time you’re craving a nice southern BBQ meal!






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