Nanny’s Yeast Rolls

While planning for this blog, one thing I shared with my fellow RWC writers is my belief that food is more than just sustenance; it’s cultural; it’s memorable; it makes up parts of our very being. Smelling something cooking, making a traditional dish, or even a specific grocery brand can bring back fond memories. That’s part of the reason I was so excited to contribute to RWC; we’re talking about what we REALLY make in our kitchens, and much of it is family-based, in whatever form our family currently takes.

This subject of family and food has been on my mind more than usual lately. This past week, my husband’s grandmother passed away. She lived a full life, and I could tell a million funny and interesting stories about her from her nursing career to her no-nonsense attitude, but what’s on my mind today was how she never let you leave her home hungry (and usually gave you a bag of leftovers for the road.) She showed her love through keeping everyone well-fed – it even became a running joke at the post-funeral luncheon.

Specifically, Nanny was famous for her yeast dinner rolls. So when we all gathered for the funeral, my sister-in-law wanted to honor her grandmother’s memory by baking these rolls. It took some experimenting, but after many taste tests, the smells and tastes in the kitchen became familiar and we think she got it right.

Don’t they look good? They needed a tiny bit more browning, but we still ate them!


Baking brought comfort. It brought back memories of good times, childhood, and helped gather the family together over the table once again.

Yeast rolls


However…bad news: I can’t share the recipe. My sister-in-law’s words were: “I will literally have to kill you. My mother will kill you.”  Since I’m only half convinced she was kidding and won’t actually do it, I’m keeping my lips zipped.

But I won’t leave you with no recipe! That’s just mean. I did a little online sleuthing and while I haven’t had time to try these recipes myself, they’re highly recommended. And in these cases, the recipes are less important than the good feelings they bring.

Or is there a recipe that brings back memories, brings comfort, or just makes you happy? Tried one of these recipes and have feedback? Share in the comments, and have a great week!


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