Snickerdoodle Cheesecake Bars

My husband loves snickerdoodles and we all love cheesecake! What could be better than being able to combine the two, right? I like being to able to combine favorites to make a new dish that we all can enjoy!

Thanks to Delish, we were able to.

When baking, make sure your ingredients, such as butter, eggs, and in this recipe, the cream cheese are room temperature. (allow time for this)


Mix the dry ingredients, then mix the wet ingredients. I used to think “How come the sugars are not part of the dry ingredients?” Until it dawned on me that sugars melt to a liquid state, therefore being a part of the wet ingredients. 🙂



Mix your dough together until well blended. If you use a stand mixer, once you remove the bowl from the stand, be sure to mix again with a spatula so you pick up the remnants from the bottom of the bowl.

Also, to press sticky batters into the dish: get your fingers wet first. This is a lot easier to me than using a utensil to press the batter in.

When pressing the dough into the dish, it’s fun to get the little ones in there to help! Let them get messy. It’s all part of the fun of it and making those memories!


It may seem like a lot of cinnamon sugar is being used, (I made a little more than the recipe called for) but trust me, it’s well worth it!

There’s something about cheesecake batter that is always so decadent to me. I used to think cheesecakes were a fancy, difficult item to make. However, I found this isn’t true. I’ve learned to jump that hurdle of fear and to trust it. Knowing your oven real good helps too. They’ve turned out for me each time thereafter. 🙂



And there you have it, a deliciously decadent dessert! (which is 1/4 gone already in my household) haha

I didn’t mind the additional cinnamon-sugar mixture on top because we like that crunchy texture it gives once it’s done baking.


This would also be good in the morning with a hot cup of coffee. 🙂

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