Steak Fajitas at Home

My husband and I love steak, but I’m so tired of coking and serving it up the same way each time. Usually when I cook steak, I serve it with broccoli and garlic mashed  potatoes. It tastes great each time, but we need variety.

One of my favorite cuts of steak is a solid New York Strip.  It’s a great quality steak and not intimating when sitting on a plate (at least it isn’t for us).

My Usual Steak Recipe

  1. Remove steaks from fridge an hour or two before preparing to allow the steaks to warm up to room temperature
  2. Brush on oil of your choice on both sides. This allows the seasoning to adhere to the meat
  3. Generously sprinkle course kosher salt and pepper on both sides
  4. Depending on the thickness of the steak, this step varies, I sear both sides on medium-high heat for a few minutes
  5. Reduce heat to medium for the remaining cooking time. This time varies according to thickness and temperature preference
  6. Remove steaks from pan and allow the steaks to rest for about five minutes or so to retain its moisture
  7. Serve and Enjoy

 Steak Fajita Recipe

  1. Follow steps one and two, but use less salt and pepper
  2. Follow steps four through six
  3. While your steaks are resting, prepare your assembly line of the the fajita ingredients of your choice (soft tacos, lettuce, tomato, and other condiments)
  4. Slice the steaks to the thickness of your liking on a diagonal
  5. Toss back into the pan on medium heat and cover the sliced steak with any taco seasoning blend of your choice ( I use the store brand blend and it works for us and it’s cheap) just enough to blend the seasoning. Be careful not overcook your meat
  6. Remove steak from the pan and add it to the serve-yourself assembly line



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